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Jardak Cleaning Services provide unbeatable service & quality without compromise

Jardak Cleaning Services is fast becoming one of the leading cleaning service providers in the South East.

We specialise in a wide range of business and industrial cleaning services for a broad spectrum of clients across multiple sectors. Each sector has individual cleaning service needs and our aim is always to provide a complete cleaning service at the highest possible standard.

A few years ago we started to work with Jardak services for our cleaning needs, they have consistently achieved the high standard of hygiene required maintaining the scores from the regular audits we are obliged to carry out. We also use Jardak Services for planned and reactive maintenance and are pleased with the reliability, we look forward to maintaining this relationship and working with Jardak in the future.

Brian Paice, Facilities Manager for Isabel Hospice

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Guano Clean Up

Pigeon Guano Clean Up

Jet Wash

Test clean on walkway ramp

Squat & Void

Before and after Squat & Void service

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