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Technology and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Dedicated software supports every resource with real-time messaging and attendance logging as well as providing client information, specifications, COSHH, RAMS and daily requests. Tech coupled with traditional methods deliver market leading customer service, management and standards.

At the forefront of technology & innovation

Jardak deliver services through highly experienced and trained operatives. Jardak understand our workforce are the key to delivering award winning service.

‘’Supporting our teams is critical’’

Through our award-winning job management software and CRM we provide 24-7 support for every member of our team. Coupled with our highly experienced management team, all our teams are given every tool to help them deliver our market leading services.

Technology Helping You...

Jardak Management System

Our bespoke management and CRM systems provide transparent service data in real-time for clients and operational management. Account data, quality audits, invoicing, consumables, COSHH and health and safety are all available at our teams, our management and our clients finger tips providing real added value and streamlining delivery.

Technology And Our Teams...


Our bespoke training suite contains animated refresher training, health and safety and compliance modules to support our teams in delivering premium services.

Recruitment & Onboarding Platform

Streamlining our recruitment and onboarding processes, this system allows for easy candidate processing with full GDPR compliance.

Technology And Our Business...

Real-Time Monitoring

The Jardak Management System enables all resources across all assets to be monitored effectively and in real-time. Deficiencies can be quickly identified and corrected.

Client Site Management

Using the Jardak Management system we monitor and report on operational performance for all our clients delivering structured quality scoring and real-time audit reporting. Performance trends are quickly identified and actioned accordingly.

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