Our actions today will affect tomorrow’s generation.

“Net Zero 2023”

• A Net Zero Company by 2023
• Ethical Employer
• ISO:14001 Accredited and Audited
• Sustainable Procurement
• Fully Electric/Hybrid Fleet by 2023
• Low Impact Chemical Dispensing Systems
• No Aerosols


We take our responsibilities very seriously. We care about the environment in which we live and believe businesses can deliver profit without damaging the environment – this is our shared mission at Jardak.

We are making a tangible and demonstrable impact on ethical employment, sustainable procurement and corporate social responsibility, through the way we conduct our business.

Net Zero

In 2019 we calculated our carbon footprint to be in the region of 600 CO2e per year. Driven by our management teams desire to make a difference, we set ambitious targets and set out to reduce our consumption.

Installing efficient LED lighting and replacing old heating system significantly reduced our environmental impact of our offices and switching our vehicles to electric as they were replaced has now cut our footprint in half!!

But we did not stop there………..we have cut all aerosols, brought in low impact chemical cleaning systems significantly reducing plastic waste to landfill and we now work with various organisation offsetting approximately 300 tons of emissions through our support of various global initiatives including mangrove planting in Madagascar, forest protection in Kenya and supporting reforestation in the UK.

We are extremely proud of our progress so far and remain on target to be to be a ‘’Net Zero Company’’ by 2023.

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